Why is branding critical, it represents more than the product your are selling.  "Why Branding is Important" by Scott Goodson contributor of Forbes Magazine, is a good example of companies that are focused on branding.

There are plenty of stresses running your cannabis business, and we know that creating custom packaging can be overwhelming as well.  It is important to have packaging that represents your image and brand.  From creation of artwork and logos to labels that meet state legal and safety requirements we can make this process easy for you and allow you to focus on other issues in your business.

Branding starts with your retail packaging and moves all the way back into your processes.  A carefully designed packaging, labels, and artwork send a clear message to your retailers and end users what your cannabis business is about. 

Cannabis Solutions

Understanding processes, production, distribution and how to improve on these items has made Packaging Brothers a solid solutions for many companies.  We would love to challenge you to call us and let us take a look at your packaging process and even the rest of your company.  If you want to know what its about, check out the following article: Improving Manufacturing Practices.

  • We are able to help you with the entire process from:
  • Designing Artwork and logos
  • Understanding the best practices in packaging, logistics and material management
  • Selection and sourcing of the best solution for your cannabis business
  • Managing your packaging, and providing just in time solution to your packaging floor.
  • Work with your existing vendors to improve performance and coordinate and integrate into your processes.
  • Finding solutions “outside the box”

A solid business plan and strategic plan are essential, but the ability to execute on your plan and having the right systems in place to help you focus on the plan are critical.  Let us take your packaging and branding off your plate.