Solution Providers

We are focused on providing the Marijuana Industry with solutions that allows them to maximize their profits and speed to market.   We partner with your business determine your needs through our expertise in operations, business management and logistics.   


You are experts in your industry, and we are experts in ours.  As many of you know, you have suppliers for every component of your packaging and then you still have to coordinate the restocking process, and assembly of the packaging.  Let us work with you to integrate your packaging system into a turn key process.  We have techniques that will make re-ordering packaging headache free and solutions that will create velocity through your facility.  

Not focused on what you do best

Not focused on what you do best

Self Management

  • Always worrying about multiple suppliers
  • Not experts in packaging
  • Have too much of one thing and shortages of another
  • Very difficult to manage stock, always run out before re-order
Fully Integrated Solution when you need it and where you need it

Fully Integrated Solution when you need it and where you need it

Packaging Brothers Integration

  • We manage your inventory levels based on your production levels
  • We apply the stickers to the product and provide you a kit for packaging
  • We manage the multiple suppliers, you only have us
  • We are experts in logistics, packaging and business processes
  • We offer a partnership and want your business to grow