about us

We don't want to be just a supply house and an internet ordering company.  We want to be your partner, we want to be your solution provider.

We both believe in the industry and its benefits.  We both understand that this new emerging market needs our expertise to be even more successful.

Packaging Brothers delivers a single solution for your contract packaging needs, offering both primary and secondary services to streamline and increase the efficiency of your cannabis packaging at every stage of the process.

Our mobile facilities allow us to take your harvested cannabis  trim and package it and create a finished and polished product for direct distribution to your customers.

Our mobile units are state of the art studios!

Our unique processes allow us to offer you a variety of primary packaging services. Whether you are seeking a short-term solution or a long-term need, Packaging Brothers can work with you to create the ideal packaging for your product.


Our Services


Mobile Packaging

Packaging Brothers has state of the art packaging systems and processes that allow us to create more cost affective 2ays to package your products.

Inventory Management

Packaging Brothers uses state of the art Manufacturing techniques and software to manage your packaging inventory and insure the most affective re-order points.  We store you product at our location and only bring to your facility what you need at the time. Think of us as your "Just in Time" packaging company.

packaging design

We love packaging!! So challenge us to come up with a design that meets your need and image.  Between our design team and your marketing team we can create packaging that pops and maximizes your margins.



Along with a state of the art packaging system, we have mobile trimming for both machine and hand trimming, with the industries best machine trimmers and hand trimmers.


You are experts in your industry, and we are experts in ours.  As many of you know, you have suppliers for every component of your packaging and then you still have to coordinate the restocking process, and assembly of the packaging.  Let us work with you to integrate your packaging system into a turn key process.  We have techniques that will make re-ordering packaging headache free and solutions that will create velocity through your facility.


We are a packaging company first, but your brand is represented by the packaging it is purchased in.  Let us help build your brand and insure that it meets the image you represent.  

You Fn Rock!!!
— Chris TaKhvar, Maui Wowie

Security, Control and Safety

leaf only.jpg

All employees have an OLCC Handlers License

Back Ground checks on all Employees

Security cameras with offsite recording

24 hour monitoring

Panic Buttons

Incoming Weight verification

Full reporting and statistics provided on all packed weights

Only work on permitted grow sites and we abide by all rules and regulations established by state

Fully Trained employees operating equipment


Quality Control is taken at every stage, we insure that the flower placed in retail packaging meets your quality guides which includes size, trimming and appearance.

Security Partner