We don't want to be just a supply house and an internet ordering company.  We want to be your partner, we want to be your solution provider. We both believe in the industry and its benefits.  We both understand that this new emerging market needs our expertise to be even more successful.

Mike Mortensen

Mike is the younger brother and very motivated individual.  Mike is an adrenalin Junkie, although he has slowed down now that he is older.  He spends much of his time riding his Harley in his free time with his Dad and Brother.  He is a thrill seeker and still loves snowboarding, skateboarding, swimming, camping and fishing.  His love for the outdoors is evident in all of his hobbies as well as his work, he spends 365 days a year outside.  Mike is extremely loyal to his family, friends and team.  He is super passionate in everything he does and has to be the best he can be.  He is very visual and detail oriented and willing to go the extra mile to make things right for anyone in his circle.

Mike has successfully been self employed for more than 20 years and has grown a very successful contracting business.  His ability to negotiate, build relationships, and problem solve make him an excellent partner.


James Mortensen

James is the older much wiser brother.  James is less of an adrenalin junkie than Mike, but he certainly enjoys the family Harley Rides.  James tends to be more business than play, but working with his little brother he is learning.  

James has a Masters Degree in Business (MBA) and a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering.  He has been working in Engineering, Product Development, Operations, Management, Marketing and Information Technology for over 20 years, leading organizations to expand from regional footprints into  international markets, recording growth and improved efficiency.  He has had significant accomplishments in Manufacturing, Distribution, OEM, and retail companies.   

A strong understanding of IT systems, engineering, and business practices makes him an asset to any organization.  His ability analyze data and make sense of information from a variety of inputs helps him identify previously unknown opportunities and risks to the company. As the President of Riveted Strategies, he can enable your company to find greater success.

James loves the outdoors and loves to spend time outside with his family and friends. He especially enjoys fishing, golf, camping and driving.